Hopewell Big Woods

conservation goals

The Hopewell Big Woods Partnership was established for:

1.  The permanent protection and stewardship of at least 15,000 acres
      of unbrokenforest in and around French Creek State Park.

2.  The conservation of water quality and quantity in the watersheds of the
      Upper Reaches of French Creek, the entirety of Hay Creek and the other smaller
      watersheds within the Hopewell Big Woods. The primary indicator for watershed
      conservation is retaining impervious cover below 6% in these watersheds.

3.  The conservation of state and federally listed and other rare species,
      occurring within the Hopewell Big Woods.

4.  The promotion of the recreational resources located in and around
      the Hopewell Big Woods.

5.  The encouragement of compatible economic development within
      the Hopewell Big Woods that is consistent with the other conservation goals

6.  The protection of historic and other cultural resources occurring
      within and nearby the Hopewell Big Woods.